The North American Women's Club of Eindhoven



Are you interested in joining the North American Women's Club please contact Samantha Gonzalez.



Our Vision is: To get Eindhoven on the map by 2020 as a number one destination choice for international knowledge workers and their families. 
Our mission is: To create a living room space in Eindhoven for expats to enjoy a range of activities, relax and meet new people in a safe, comfortable environment. 
Our Goal is: To help expats socialize and integrate in the city of Eindhoven that you have now chosen to live.

The Hub is an ex-pat organization with a large diverse membership. We host many different activities and special events in our club house through out the week. For more information look at our Facebook page ~ The Hub Eindhoven For Expats or


The IWCE is a non-commercial, non-political and non-denominational organization that promotes networking between English speaking women from many different countries. Whether you’re new to Eindhoven or have been here for a while and have just discovered us, the IWCE can be a great way to meet new people or to explore new directions via our special interest groups (daytime and evening activities).

We currently have about 168 members from over 45 different countries. Although the official language of the club is English, with such a diverse group you’re sure to hear many different languages at any one gathering.


Mums and Toddlers is a friendly and informal  English speaking social group for parents and toddlers of every nationality. If you have just arrived in Eindhoven from another country with a toddler or two, this is a perfect environment for you to meet other parents in a similar situation  

We are an English speaking non-profit organization and we meet every second Wednesday at the Buurtcentrum De Rondweg, Camphuijsenstraat 1, Eindhoven from 9.30am to 11.30am.  You can chat while your children play with the toys.We have a membership base of around 50 members from New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain, Scotland, Greece, Italy, The United States, The Philippines, France, and Indonesia.


The main purpose of Expat Guide Holland is to help you settle in and familiarize yourself with your new living and working environment. They will assist you in completing formalities in just one visit at our center and we will inform you on services like housing, banking, education and leisure activities. Furthermore you can read about the Dutch culture and customs. For answers to almost all of your questions.


The emergency number for all of emergency services is 112.


The Catherina Ziekenhuis

Michelangelolaan 2 | 5623 EJ | Eindhoven | (040) 239 9111

The Maxima Medisch Centrum (MMC)

Theodor Fliednerstraat 1 | 5631 BM | Eindhoven | (040) 888 8000

Sint Anna Ziekenhuis

Bogardeind 2 | 5664 EH | Geldrop | (040) 286 4040

Antoon Coolenlaan 1-03 | 5644 RX | Eindhoven | (040) 286 4040

The first Monday of each month at 12:00 the emergency sirens are tested.
In the event of a real emergency go inside and listen to the television or radio for further instructions.

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The following website contains all the information you need to know about obtaining your residency here in the Netherlands. 


Driving in Holland is very different than in the states, especially because of the fact that there are bicyclists everywhere.  Check out the following website for further questions and information, it's in english



There are two international schools in eindhoven.  One is the grammar school  and the other is the middle school.  Unfortunately they are on opposite ends of Eindhoven. Here are the websites:

Regional International School Eindhoven (grammar school)

International Secondary School Eindhoven 


 Anglican Church Services

Christians of all domination's worship together in English every Sunday at 10:30 am at the Trinity Church in Eindhoven. Located at the Eikenburg complex off the Alsterweg in the Stratum section of the city, TCE has a lively kidzchurch as well as baby care during most services.
Further information can be found at their website

Roman Catholic Church Services

Catholic masses in English are held at the St Lambertuskerk  on the Hoogstraat 299 in Eindhoven.

For additional times and information you can contact Rev. Fr. John Onoja at:

Synagogues (Orthodox)

NIG Eindhoven | H. Casimirstraat 23 | Eindhoven | 5616 BJ | (040) 251 1253


Missing something from home? Here are a few stores not SO far away: 

Kelly's Expat Shopping in The Hague you can either visit them or order online. They have a variety of American, English, Australian & South African specialties. 

The American Food Store just over the border in Belgium about an hour away from Eindhoven. offers a wide variety of products & Free Shipping.

AmericanFoods4U is located in Germany and offers a diverse range of products. You may either visit their store or pay for shipping.

If you ever place an order from this site it would be greatly appreciated if you would share with your fellow American and ask if anyone else needs something ordered or would like to go along for the ride!




Democrats Abroad is the Democratic Party organization for more than seven million US citizens living overseas. Forty-five separate country committees throughout the world organize local activities and events to encourage participation in the American political process. Democrats Abroad Netherlands has groups and members in four Dutch cities, including Eindhoven. The Eindhoven chapter also meets monthly for an informal get together at the Boston Pub on Stratumseind. See calendar or our events page for more information. Check out their website at for more information. 


For those members who vote Republican, there's also a Republicans Abroad Netherlands, which hosts various events and casual meetings in Rotterdam. Members are dedicated to the goals of providing non-partisan voter information as well as absentee voter outreach programs and promotes the principles of the Republican Party through hosting fund raising events, lectures, discussion meetings and public outreach to all Americans living in The Netherlands. See 


Banking is done a little differently than home.  There is no such thing as a personal check. The payee sends you a "giro" in the mail for the amount you owe.  The "giro" looks like a filled-in check (pale yellow in color), you write in your bank account number (if it isn't already there), sign it, and simply send it to your bank.  Your bank then sends the money to the payee's bank and the bill is paid. Or simply, you pay via internet banking.

Most Dutch are paid once a month and the money is automatically deposited into their bank accounts.  You'll receive statements once a month showing your balance, credits and debits.  

To open a Dutch bank account, you might need your passport, residency card and letter from your employer confirming employment.

The banking system is dominated by the big four Dutch banks who have branches throughout the country:

  • Rabobank (Dutch site)
  • ABN-AMRO (Dutch site) Offers statements and other information in English.
  • ING (Internationale Nederlanden Group, Dutch site) the ING group also owns American banks in the USA.

 Credit Cards

Most shops accept major credit cards. Supermarkets don't. Credit cards are more like a debit card. The amount you've charged is deducted automatically, monthly, from your bank account.  The Dutch don't buy on credit as a rule.  If you don't have the money, you don't buy it.  Save your money and maybe it will be on sale, which is what the Dutch really live for. Credit cards are mostly used when travelling.

U.S. TELEVISION Download this website and you can watch live TV over broadband for free. Channels such as CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, Comedy Central just to name a few. for your favorite TV series for popular movies.


Reading Circle Eindhoven (RCE) is a group for readers of contemporary English (language) literature that live in or around the region of Eindhoven. The club has been in existence since 2005 and usually meets in the evening of the last Thursday of the month. Attendance of meetings is seen as an essential part of the club ‘experience’, although obviously this may not always be possible. “That’s why it’s suggested that members come from in or around Eindhoven,” says Geoff Naylor, the founder of RCE, “although it’s not compulsory. In the past we’ve also had members that lived in Maarheeze and Tilburg.” Meetings usually, but not always, take place at a members home.

The club’s objective is to stimulate interest in contemporary literature. Unlike some groups where a book is proposed, and a discussion prepared, by a single member, at RCE a book is chosen democratically from a list compiled by one of the members. From the outset it has been the intention that the group as a whole experience the selected novel for the first time.Through discussion RCE hope to improve the members enjoyment, knowledge and understanding of what they are reading. Individually members will almost certainly be introduced to new writers and perhaps even venture into previously unexplored genre's. Past selections have included help by Kathryn Stockett, On Chesil Beachby Ian McEwan and The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s rare for a book to be enjoyed by all members.

If you visit the RCE website, at , you can find a list of all the books the group have read to date. Applications to join can be sent to 


This is a travel agency that Imo and Nancy have used and found very nice to deal with and good for very specific kinds of travel plans.  They have booked a train trip and two plane trips.

American Travel Center | Muiderslotweg 112 | 2026AS | Haarlem

Tel. +31 023 5382 954 | Fax:  023 5384 744 | e-mail:


If anyone is interested in sharing any information about restaurants, events, towns they have visited, good long distance phone companies, or even websites or such, please let us know by going to our EINDHOVEN FORUM page and updating us!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Oct 3 All Day
Friday, Oct 13 at 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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